Recipient of the Anton Bartlett Research Fellowship

I am honored to have received the Anton Bartlett Research Fellowship, for a pre- doctoral fellowship at the MSRC and be included in the project “Regeneration of a Torn ACL Using a Novel Magnesium Ring Device Combined with Extracellular Matrix Bioscaffolds”. The MSRC has focused on the study on soft-tissue healing for decades and it was great for me to have a chance to work there. During my time, I was given the chance to assist on a 26-week animal study (helping with the animal surgery as well as mechanical tests) which has been very beneficial for me to learn about the physiology and mechanics of the ACL. With the opportunity to discuss with MSRC fellows, I was able to successfully evaluate the load and stress in goat ACL after ring repaired surgery using finite element analysis. Using data obtained from this project, successful criteria was determined which can be used for the design of Mg-based devices for human ACL repair in the future. We trust our work from this year will have a positive effect on the development of clinical treatment of ACL ruptures.
Finally, I would like to give my thanks to Dr. and Mrs. John Bartlett, ASIAM and Dr. Woo for giving me such a precious opportunity to study in the MSRC for a year and to be able to finish a meaningful research project, as well as strengthen myself with more advanced technical skills and academic knowledge about our research field. I would also like to thank Ms. Diann DeCenzo, Ms. Jonquil Mau, Dr. Huijun Kang, Mr. Nash Vedanaparti and Mr. Ian Moran for taking care of me at the MSRC during the whole year. Thank you very much!