Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Surgeons (CSOS) – Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA)

The CSOS, COA and ASIAM Institute, under the direction of Professors Richard Cheng, Kai-Ming Chan, Yan Wang and Savio Woo, are working together to promote scientific exchange, providing orthopaedic education, and improving orthopaedic healthcare services by developing both clinical and research fellowships with renowned centers around the world to facilitate further training of younger generations of orthopaedic surgeons and scientitists to the global scene.

Professors Richard Cheng, Kai-Ming Chan, Savio Woo and Yan Wang

World Orthopaedic Alliance (WOA)

With the leadership of Professors Yan Wang and Kai-Ming Chan, the WOA is dedicated to the advancement of high quality musculoskeletal care in developing countries. Through close cooperation with partner organizations, including ASIAM Institute, WOA builds a neutral platform where orthopaedic surgeons and medical devices companies can communicate and collaborate to unite efforts to improve musculoskeletal care.

Beihang University “111 Project”

ASIAM Institute is happy to collaborate with Professor Yubo Fan of Beihang University on the “111 Project” jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The “111 Project” aims to bring 1000 leading international experts in various disciplines from 100 top universities worldwide to collaborate with 100 universities in China. By working together, the visiting international experts and Chinese professors will advance teaching and research to achieve breakthroughs in science and technology as well as improve the overall competitiveness of Chinese universities.

SRC-4 Advocacy Group (SRC-4A)

ASIAM Institute is happy to be a part of the new initiative, SRC-4 Advocacy Group (SRC-4A). This new initiative will bring together leaders in the bioengineering/biomedical engineering field to promote young investigators.

The group’s goal is to advance the academic careers of young investigators by assisting with nominations to professional societies as well as leadership and committee positions within societies.

The SRC-4A group members include (pictured) Drs. Woo, Kai-Nan An, Wei-Shou Hu, Abraham Lee, Kam Leong, Zong- Ming Li, Zhi-Pei Liang, Kirk Shung, Jeff Wang, (not pictured) Drs. Cheng-Kung Cheng, Jason Chen, and Feng-Huei Lin. The first virtual meeting was held on September 29, 2020.