Recipient of the Anton Bartlett Research Fellowship

   I am honored to be awarded the Anton Bartlett Research Fellowship to support my pre-doctoral fellowship at the Musculoskeletal Research Center (MSRC), University of Pittsburgh under the collaborative mentorship of Dr. Cheng-Kung Cheng and Dr. Woo. I believe this innovative project, “Regeneration of a torn ACL using a novel magnesium ring device combined with extracellular matrix bioscaffolds”, will have a significantly positive effect on clinical treatment of ACL rupture and save more people from knee sufferings like arthritis. Since I have been doing research using finite element analysis, I hope to use this engineering method to help get a deeper understanding of the mechanical environment on the Mg ring and knee joint tissues after the ACL repair operation. I am grateful to Dr. and Mrs. John Bartlett for their generosity and ASIAM Institute for this invaluable opportunity.