Recipient of the Fundación Garcia Cugat, Dr. Ramon Cugat and Dr. Montse Garcia Research Scholarship

Frances-Anne-TostoMy summer research experience at the MSRC was a very fulfilling one. I gained so much knowledge, including the problems and complications with ACL reconstruction, the promising alternative ACL healing offers, and the usefulness of robotic technology for testing joint kinematics. Additionally, I learned procedures involved in biomechanical testing of animal joint specimens including how to dissect and pot a specimen and how the robotic/UFS testing system and materials testing machine work.  Finally, I learned about the research process in general, how to critically analyze the literature, and how to give an effective scientific presentation. I would like to thank ASIAM Institute for this research opportunity and Dr. Woo, Ms. Katie Farraro, and Dr. Cuiling Zhang for their guidance