Recipient of the Dr. Ramon Cugat and Dr. Montse Garcia Balletbo Research Scholarship

With Ms. Jonquil Flowers and Mr. Kwang Kim

I was so honored to receive the Dr. Ramon Cugat and Dr. Montse Garcia Balletbo Research Scholarship! At the MSRC, I was mentored by graduate students, Mr. Kwang Kim and Ms. Jonquil Flowers, under the direction of Dr. Woo.

During my summer internship, I worked on a project that involved magnesium (Mg)-based suture anchor design. These devices are used for fixation of soft tissues to bone. Thus, the development of Mg-based suture anchors has the potential to offer the mechanical strength while it can be controlled to degrade and let the tissues take over.

I have learned the importance of literature research, which helped me to understand mechanical and clinical performance as well as features that contributed to complications of existing suture anchors. I then used computational simulation to prove whether these findings were true and then further modified the designs. Throughout my short stay at the MSRC, I experienced the difficulties of research as well as working together as a team. Therefore, I would really like to thank all my mentors for their guidance and Dr. Cugat and Dr. Garcia Balletbo for their generosity.