Recipient of the Taiwan Fellows Research Scholarship – 2012 Update

Dr. Matteo Tei, Butterfly Award Recipient

I had the opportunity to return to Pittsburgh and the Musculoskeletal Research Center (MSRC) to work on my research projects as well as attend the International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons (ISL&T) – XII in San Francisco, CA in early February 2012. I arrived on Wednesday, February 3rd at the MSRC laboratories. There, I was glad to continue my projects related to magnesium-based screws for ACL reconstruction, working with Mr. Kwang Kim, Ms. Kathryn Farraro and Dr. Andrea Speziali.

After spending four days in Pittsburgh, I traveled to San Francisco, CA to attend the ISL&T-XII as well as the Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting. At the ISL&T-XII conference, Dr. Woo and Dr. Kai-Ming Chan gave the day a lively start. The audience was very diverse, coming from Asia, U.S. and Europe. Overall, the presentations were of high quality. I was fortunate to be a co-author of the presentation given by Mr. Kim entitled “Biomechanical Evaluation of Bioabsorbable Polymer Interference Screws for ACL Reconstruction at Time Zero and 12 weeks of Healing in a Goat Model.”

I really enjoyed the meetings and the experience was very informative for my clinical practice. I hope to submit other work to these meetings in the future. I look forward to attending the ISL&T-XIII meeting in Arezzo, Italy, my home country, in October 2013.

Meanwhile, after I returned to Italy and thanks to my research studies at the MSRC, I won the ‘Butterfly’ award. This award given by the Mayor of my city, Terni, Italy, was for distinguished international studies at the MSRC laboratories under the direction of Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo.

Throughout my experience at the MSRC, I have grown as a young doctor and future orthopaedic surgeon. I would like to thank Dr. Woo and his family as well as the Taiwan Fellows, Drs. Chih-Hwa Chen, Wei-Hsiu Hsu, Yin-Chih Fu and Ping-Cheng Liu for their generous support of my research scholarship. Moreover, I would like to thank the ASIAM Institute Board of Directors for giving me this wonderful research opportunity.

ISL&T Meeting in San Francisco, CA