Recipient of the Savio & Pattie Woo Traveling Fellowship

hunghaochuI am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh and am very grateful to have been selected as the recipient of the Savio and Pattie Woo Traveling Fellowship that allowed me to attend the 5th World Congress of the World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers (WACBE) in August 2011. The invited speakers, who are all pioneers in Biomedical Engineering, gave excellents speeches that would lead to future directions in this field. I believe everyone’s scientific vision was consequently broadened. In addition, this was the first time I had a chance to present my research progress in the place where I was born. I felt greatly honored and deeply treasured this opportunity. The positive feedback from the audience enables me to think more deeply about my research and is definitely valuable for my future resarch. Besides attending the conference, I also met with my advisors and colleagues while I was in Taiwan. As a student who will graduate soon, I shared my experiences from the past few years. We also had extensive discussion about my future goals. Overall, this was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Therefore, I truly aprpeciate Dr. and Mrs. Woo’s kind support that made my trip possible.