University of Pittsburgh

My research career has been an indescribable journey filled with exceptional mentors, collaborators, failures, and achievements. My doctoral training has specifically been the highlight of my research journey and it has provided me with countless experiences and skills that have furthered my development as a scientist. The work would not have been possible without the financial support from Dr. Woo and the Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Research Fellowship though the ASIAM Institute. The last few months of my PhD research studies have been an emotional challenge, especially during the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19. However, with the support of my mentors and knowledge I have gained throughout my graduate studies, I have successfully completed my PhD studies and gained countless lessons along the way.

My thesis studies focused on matrix bound nanovesicles (MBV) as an extracellular source
of lysyl oxidase (LOX). LOX is an enzyme responsible for catalyzing collagen cross-linking and serves as an essential role in tissue stabilization. My PhD studies have definitely been a long journey that was not easy to accomplish. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to experience this path in academia and complete my graduate studies. I feel confident that the lessons and skills I have learned and gained from the PhD program will prepare me for the next steps in my research career.