Recipient of the Naton Medical Group Research Grant

This year, I participated in the project entitled “A Novel Magnesium Ring for Repair of a Torn ACL-In Vivo 26-week Goat Study”. In this project, I assisted in goat surgeries, assessed the ACL function during follow up, and helped with data collection and analysis. The long-term I also worked on designing a magnesium ring for use in human ACL tears. After reviewing the literation on human ACL geometry, we designed the size of the ring and printed a prototype. We also assessed its fitness and tested its feasibility using a human specimen. I benefited greatly from this one year fellowhsip. First, this experience updated my knowledge and research skills, such as the knowledge of ACL anatomy, biomechanics, and kinematics and the research techniques of using a laser area micrometer system and the robotic/UFS testing system, which will be very helpful for my future research. Second, this experience boosted my ability to think and solve problems independently by searching and studying the literature, which will make me work better in the future. Finally, the most important thing was through collaborating with different people of different ages, races, and majors in our group, I learned the concept that one problem can be considered from different perspectives, and each perspective should not be simply judged right or wrong.  I think this concept will be greatly helpful to my on- going doctor-patient career. I really appreciate this fellowship. Thank you very much!