Recipient of the Dr. Jimmy and Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Research Fellowship

Cuiling-2It is my honor to receive the Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Research Fellowship to perform research at the Musculoskeletal Research Center (MSRC), under the direction of Dr. Savio Woo, at the University of Pittsburgh. I am an Associate Professor from Bengbu Medical College in Anhui, China. At the MSRC, I focused on research work and training students in cell culture techniques and biological laboratory techniques. My project involves evaluating the effects of ECM hydrogel on goat ACL fibroblasts proliferation and collagen mRNA expression, evaluating the cytotoxic effect of magnesium alloys AZ31 (3% aluminum-1% zinc) and single-crystalmagnesiumonACLfibroblastsculturedfrom an in vivo study using goats. I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Diann DeCenzo, Ms. Kathryn Farraro, Ms. Jonquil Flowers and Dr. Kwang Kim. During the summer, I was able to mentor an undergraduate student. In the short period of 2-3 months, under the leader of their mentor and the training of the MSRC summer Journal Club, the student can learn the research process as well as to think critically and independently. At the MSRC, everyone gets the best education and training from the Master’s teaching of Dr. Woo. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Woo, who has truly supported every aspect of my aspirations during my fellowship. I would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Lee and ASIAM Institute, which provided me this opportunity that has shaped my profession as a teacher and researcher