Director: Chih-Hwa Chen, MD, MBA

Professor and Dean
College of Biomedical Engineering, Taipei Medical University
Chairman, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Shuang-Ho Hospital

Professor Chih-Hwa Chen is a clinical orthopedist and surgeon-scientist who has been working in the field of sport medicine and arthroscopy. Research in Professor Chen’s laboratory is dedicated to developing biomedical materials and medical devices, bone and cartilage tissue engineering, and tendon and ligament healing and regeneration.

In the recent years, the lab has made some major achievements which includes:

  • Periosteum enhances bone and fibrocartilage ingrowth into interface zone of tendon and bone.
  • PPC-BMP-2 hydrogel provides a powerful inductive ability to enhance tendon-bone healing through fibrocartilage.
  • Bioengineered PPC sheets offer a novel approach to enhance tendon- bone junction healing.
  • Satisfactory results can be achieved with the periosteum-enveloping hamstring tendon graft in single-bundle ACL reconstruction with minimal tunnel widening.

Ongoing Projects

  • Preventive medicine for osteoporosis, sarcopenia, and Alzheimer and Parkinson disease
  • Cell therapy: develop dual functional 3D culture system (dynamic and physical stimulation)
  • Tissue regeneration: including alveolar epithelium, bone, cartilage, tendon, nerve, blood vessels, vitreous body, and so on.
  • Oral controlled and sustained drug delivery systems development and applications
  • Establish new strategy for body weight control