Recipient of a Travel Grant to attend the 2015 Annual BMES Meeting

johnmahoneyI would like to thank the ASIAM Institute for this gracious scholarship which made it possible for me to attend the 2015 Annual BMES meeting in Tampa Bay, FL. My experience was one I will truly never forget. The conference started with a welcome reception for all of the students and presenters. This was a great networking opportunity, as I had the chance to meet people from schools all over the country, and even some from around the world. The following day was the start of the conference itself. I spent much of the day in the exhibition hall, which was a large room of tables of graduate bioengineering programs and companies. Learning about the different approaches schools have towards bioengineering, and the different focuses each department really reminded how broad and impactful the field is. I spent other portions of the day, and most of the second day attending various presentations. Most of the ones I attended dealt with industry, since finding a job is my current post-graduation plan. One presentation gave me some pointers for searching for jobs, and making my application stand out from the crowd. A presentation about quality and regulatory affairs was really impactful for me, and opened my eyes to a part of industry I had never given much consideration. I also attended a resume building workshop and received very helpful criticism. On the last day, it was my turn to do the presenting. All of the undergraduate students gave their poster presentations in the exhibition hall. I presented my summer research to students and faculty from schools around the country. It was truly rewarding having the opportunity to share all of my hard work in my research with others who shared common interests, answer their questions, and ask what they were involved with. Of course, I couldn’t spend five days in Florida without having some fun. I got to know fellow Pitt bioengineers that I hadn’t interacted with very much before. We spent an afternoon at the aquarium, did some local sightseeing, and spent the last day at the beach. It was definitely a nice mini vacation from school work! The conference was a great opportunity for me to learn, network with those with similar interests, develop my career goals, and share my work with others. I would not have been able to have this amazing experience without your help.