Recipient of a Travel Grant to travel to the APKASS Conference

I was very honored to be awarded a scholarship from ASIAM Institute and the Double Excellence Fund for Outstanding Students in Study and Sports to attend the APKASS Conference in Changdu, China on April 18-21, 2019. This conference allowed me to gain a lot of advanced medical equipment knowledge closely related to my major and to meet many great talents in the field.

First, as an undergraduate major in pharmaceutical engineering, this conference taught me a lot of pharmaceutical engineering equipment and gave me a clearer professional understanding of cutting-edge medical expertise. Second, I met many great scholars at this conference. Each of them were polite and approachable,

and I received inspiration from communicating with them. Third, I learned core technologies that can save patients, which will give me full confidence in the future of mankind. Thanks to Dr. Woo, Dr. Li, ASIAM Institute, SWJTU, and to my sponsors.