Recipient of a Travel Grant to attend the International Symposium on Ligaments & Tendons-XIII (ISL&T-XIII)

kwangkimI am sincerely honored to be the recipient of an ASIAM Institute Travel Grant to present my thesis work at the International Symposium on Ligaments and Tendons-XIII in Arezzo, Italy. I was very excited for this opportunity as this was my first international presentation. Our research attracted the interest of participants from around the world and I received insightful feedback.

I also had the opportunity to contribute as part of the organizing committee working with former MSRC research fellows, Drs. Matteo Tei and Andrea Speziali as well as with their advisor, Professor Cerulli, the Chair of the meeting. This has been a tremendous opportunity for my career as I met many top notch researchers from around the world and have learned how to organize an international meeting. For this, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to ASIAM Institute.