Recipient of a Travel Grant to travel to the Musculoskeletal Research Center, University of Pittsburgh

In July 2016, I was given an opportunity to participate in an animal experiment in Professor Woo’s laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. The aim of the experiment was to show the effectiveness of bio-degradable magnesium ring for enhancing ACL healing using a goat model. I worked with Professor Woo’s Post-Doc, Dr. Katie Farraro, PhD student, Jonquil Mau and surgeon and former post-doc, Dr. Matteo Tei, from Italy. Before the experiment, we practiced the procedures and discussed how to improve the ACL surgery. During the 2-week animal study, we performed the surgeries successfully and ef ciently. During the whole process, I learned a lot from Professor Woo and his team. We also had a lot of wonderful times socially! I am really grateful for this great learning experience!