Recipient of a Travel Grant to travel to the Musculoskeletal Research Center, University of Pittsburgh

AntonioPastroneI am very grateful to ASIAM Institute for the opportunity to continue my research project at the Musculoskeletal Research Center (MSRC) at the University of Pittsburgh under the direction of Dr. Woo. I am honored to have learned through research and to share my experience with such a high quality group. The objective of my project was to improve the healing of a torn ACL using  a mechanical device and a biological augment. A bioabsorbable magnesium ring was positioned around the ACL to add immediate mechanical stability, while biologically enhancing healing of the ligament. The initial mechanical and histological results were very promising and we are looking forward to the results from further research. I had the opportunity to work with a great group, Dr. Kwang Kim, Ms. Kathryn Farraro, and Ms. Jonquil Flowers, whom I would like to thank. As well as a special thank you to  Dr. Woo and Mrs. Diann DeCenzo, who made me feel like a part of the family during my stay in Pittsburgh. This experience has helped me to improve my surgical skills, was critical in understanding clinical research, and has enhanced my career as an orthopedic surgeon.