Reported by Dean Chih-Hwa Chen

In spite of the logistical difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taipei Medical University (TMU) acknowledges the vital contribution that ASIAM Institute and Professor Woo has made on supporting the internationalization and continuous academic development of the College of Biomedical Engineering (CBME) of TMU.

In 2020, Professor Woo was a Distinguished Chair Professor at the CBME, and the Chair of our International Advisory Committee (IAC). Under these critical roles, guided by his exceptional dedication and momentum, Professor Woo has contributed tremendously to the substantial academic progress made by our CBME. The IAC has provided recommendations on the selection of research topics to faculties and grant applications to younger professors. Professor Woo has also contributed in a remarkable way to emphasize the need to recruit post-doctoral fellows and involve them in novel research projects.

Largely as a result of ASIAM’s and the IAC’s efforts and recommendations, the quality of the publications of the CBME has continued to improve, with seven publications in journals with high impact factors, and more than 40% of all publications have been co-authored with foreign research collaborators.

Undoubtedly, our young college has benefited over the last few years and again in 2020 from the vital passionate intellectual contributions made by Professor Woo and the ASIAM Institute.