Founder and CEO
D.B. Root & Company
Financing and Investments

Certified Financial Planner, David B. Root, Jr., is the CEO of D.B. Root & Company. The company, a Pittsburghbased financial planning firm, was founded in 1994 by Mr. Root and his partner, Carrie Coghill.

Mr. Root’s distinguished career in financial planning has brought him considerable recognition. He was the co-host of the financial TV talk shows “Wealthy & Wise” and “Financial Planning” on WPXI and cable station, PCNC. Mr. Root is an active participant in local and national forums designed to educate the public on the broad spectrum of investment possibilities and the overall importance of sound financial planning. He is quoted extensively in prominent financial publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Fortune Magazine, USA Today and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Prior to establishing D.B. Root & Company, Mr. Root was President and Chief Operating Officer of Bill Few Associates, an investment and financial advisory firm. He also held management positions with Muhlenkamp and Company, a money management firm, after graduating from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Root is the President of the Pittsburgh Hornets – AAA Hockey Association and a member of the President’s Council for the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. David currently serves as the Chairman of D.B. Root’s Investment Policy Committee and is a registered representative with Commonwealth Financial Network member NASD and SIPC.