Ms. Sara Orr

Recipient of the David and Kathy Root Research Scholarship

Performing an ELISA test

Performing an ELISA test

It was my honor to be the recipient of the Mr. David and Mrs. Kathy Root Research Scholarship for the Summer Undergraduate Research Program at the MSRC. I am a junior in the Schreyer Honors College at Pennsylvania State University, where I am majoring in bioengineering with an option in material science.

Previously, I had no research experience, but I have learned so much thanks to my summer at the MSRC. I have learned about the research process in general and, more specifically, about ACL reconstruction and bioscaffolds. My project involved testing small intestinal submucosa and urinary bladder matrix hydrogels for growth factor, collagen, and glycosaminoglycan content. Through my time at the MRSC, I have also learned to think critically as well as independently.

I would like to thank Dr. Woo, Jonquil Flowers, Katie Farraro, Kwang Kim, and Dr. Cuiling Zhang for sharing their expertise and leadership this summer. I would also like to thank the ASIAM Institute for Research and Education, which allowed me to have this opportunity that has shaped my education and future as a bioengineer and researcher.